Monday, September 24, 2012

Vietnam Trip 2012

Hoi An’s riverfront outdoor hawker stalls, cafes and restaurants where one can enjoy cool fruit juice, fresh coconuts, Vietnamese beer and delicious foods while gazing at passersby, fanned by the cooling river breezes. 

Dusk in Hoi An, serene and peaceful, viewed from a river boat cruising lazily along the river.

Visiting a Vietnamese herb and vegetable garden along the river in Hoi An, gardener in attendance.  The young herbs and mints are carefully weeded and nurtured

In the heat of the day, shops in Hoi An seem cool and inviting, shaded by lovely flowering plants, quite typical of Vietnamese shop fronts and houses. 

Fresh fruit vendor in the market in Hoi An.  Note the green oranges, dragon fruit, green mangoes and jambu nestling next to the more familiar apples, pears and grapes.

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