Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Short Singapore Trip

Hi all,

Singapore has many food courts offering an array of hawker style foods at reasonable prices.  One such place is a food court where the decor is scholarly with bookcases and fake book covers.  It is located in the Suntech Convention Centre, which is easily accessed from a number of MRT stations.  

Quite a good range of food is available ranging from suckling pig (the real thing, not the larger teenage piglets) to one of the best parathas in the island of Singapore and also Thunder Tea soup noodles (using tea for flavouring).

It is not to be confused with another foodcourt in the adjacent Suntech shopping centre which houses the (yet to be world famous) Japanese Royce' chocolate boutique with its signature luscious green tea chocolate.  I first came across the Royce' chocolates in Niseko in a Royce' cafe outside the Niseko Hilton.  Royce' has the very best hot chocolate I have ever tasted after a morning of skiing in powder snow but I have yet to bring myself to try their potato chip chocolates.  

It was a wonderful surprise to find that Royce' chocolates are available in Malaysia in the Tropicana City Shopping Mall in Petaling Jaya, Selangor and also in Singapore’s Suntech food court. However, I did not see any sign of the Royce' chocolates in Vietnam but there are other equally expensive foreign brands available in the more exclusive parts of Ho Chi Minh city. 

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